Inorganic Chemistry: Important Questions

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Inorganic chemistry of class 12th consist of mainly three chapters , P block element, D Block element, and coordination compounds.

In all these chapters NCERT exercise is highly important. In case of P block element the reaction is given in NCERT exercise are important. Prepare Your Exam Only in 1-Month

In case of P block element group 15 and group 17 are two important group may indicate question from these two groups. As far as chemical reactions are concerned they are from group 17 and group 18.

Reasoning questions are important from group 15, 16 & 17.

In D Block element all the questions given in NCERT exercise or highly recommendable for your examination. For d-Block element the previous year questions in the NCERT exercise are sufficient. In D Block element methods of preparation of potassium dichromate and potassium permanganate are important. Chromyl chloride test is also important test in this chapter.

Lanthanide contraction as well is actinide contraction are two important topics from this chapter.

In case of coordination compounds you can get question from Nomenclature , isomerism, valance bond theory and CFT.

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