Biomolecule : Notes & Important Questions & Answers

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Chapter biomolecules is a very interesting chapter for class 11th and 12th examination. In this chapter will understand the topic related to biology as well as chemistry.

NCERT book is sufficient for preparation of this chapter for your examination. The chapter mainly consist of carbohydrate amino acid DNA RNA vitamins vitamins.

While preparing the chapter for your competitive examination it is highly recommended to read each and every line from NCERT book.

While preparing the chapter for board examination you need to work on NCERT exercise. NCERT questions are sufficient for your examinations.

The sequence of preparation of this chapter is:

1. Amino acids

2. Carbohydrates

3. Nuclic acids

4. Vitamins.

Previous 10 years questions are must for example from this chapter.

Here we are providing the defective notes for study of chapter biomolecule along with important questions learn with them very carefully and effectively. You can visit our YouTube channel for videos from this chapter.

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Note: chapter Biomolecule Require a well-defined approach for example prep. Prepare this chapter according to the sequence like first of all Amines , then Bio-molecule, then DNA & RNA followed by vitamins.

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Note: Only NCERT Excercise is sufficient for exam preparation. It is recommended to prepare tgis chapter from Previous years Questions too.

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