Alcohol & Phenols : Full Chapter

Students as your exams of class 12th are here. You have given your maximum for these examinations. Till now most of you did their best for this examination but many of you are still in a condition of deadlock , how to prepare about examinations. This can creat an anxiety in your mind and will definitely stop you from Performing best in your examinations.

Here I am helping you by my YouTube channel is always by Unacademy’s website.

You need to learn chapters in a stepwise manner as Well as by their questions.

Our capsule course consist of short notes and important questions which is given on our this website.

As for this theory is concerned I am giving you the link for preparation of full chapter of Alcohol & Phenol.

Alcohol and Phenol all is an important chapter from your point of you. This chapter consist of lots of Main reactions as Well as reasoning questions.

For your class 12th exam preparation you can prepare the chapter from NCERT book. But for competitive examination you have to learn each and every line from NCERT book as Well as from previous 10 year papers.

Organic chemistry require lots of practice. You have to write more and more for organic chemistry to learn it effectively.

The reactions of this chapter are very much required in all other chapters of organic chemistry so prepared this chapter by writing again and again and by making your short notes.

In this chapter the important questions Are generally of reaction mechanism like dehydration, esterification and kolb’s reaction, Reimer timann reactions.

In the given link You will find all the important topics from the chapter alcohol and Phenol .

Click here for Full chapter video of Alcohol & Phenol

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