Today I will discuss about PLAGIARISM   or Academic Dishonesty or CHEATING. It provides unfair advantage to less skilled students.

Cheating , by definition, is representing someone else’s work as your own. The fact of matter is that Cheating is extremely tempting. In past usually kids only resorted to cheating when they were struggling. But students today do it simply because it is a common thing that the majority of all students do. This is because grades are more important than education in air society.

There are certain long term side effects of cheating.

1. Students become unable to advance       academically . Students who do cheating during examination  will have lack of knowledge and will not be able clear any academic test by their own.

2.They can not rely upon themselves. If   they really know the right answer , they will   not believe on themselves but depend on   others for the better answer.

3.Their creativity become limited. Their   thoughts , research and critical thinking of   students thereby reducing their problem   solving approach.

4.Their moral values get corrupted which   leads to misconduct , dishonesty and other   unethical  Behaviour. Not only in   academics,  they will be tempted to cheat   in business and in society as well in their   future.

5. One long term disadvantage of cheating   is occupational incompetence. One does   not have access to knowledge, learned at   first place. Students are indulging in   cheating thereby thinking that it’s alright to do so and are cheating to themselves. They think “ Why to learn the study material if you can get the answer by copying “. But they are unaware of the fact that in real world , some of these concepts need to be practice. For example , No one wants a mechanic to work upon their vehicle who does not know anything about spare parts or no one wants a doctor prescribing medicines when she / he cheating on his / her medical exams.

PLAGIARISM   or Academic Dishonesty cheats the students , system , other students and society.

By copying the answers from peer and getting few extra marks takes the acclaim or credit of the peer students. Students are honest also feel cheated.

Academic honesty is the best policy and Hard work is the key to success.

Think before doing something unfair . Realize who it hurts in long run. Then make the appropriate choice.


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