Necessity of soft skills in a student’s life

Today I'm going to discuss the importance of soft skills in a student’s life.

Soft skills are the personal qualities, habits, attitudes that have the potential to make someone a bright student in addition to good academics.

In simple words, it means the way in which you talk, listen and express yourself.

Emotional Intelligence is another term used in reference to soft skills.

They play an important role in the development of the students’ overall personality, thereby enhancing their career prospects.

“Soft skills are generally overlooked by schools in the pursuit of good grades.

Every student must have these qualities

1. Communication – You must be able to communicate effectively and confidently your thoughts and ideas both verbally and non-verbally through appropriate body language.

Speak slowly, clearly and confidently and dress appropriately.

2.Decision Making – Always collect all the information before making a decision. Always think twice before you speak.

3.Flexibility – be ready to make changes, adapt quickly and easily. Always react quickly and appropriately to suggestions and instructions from teachers and parents.

4.Time Management and Organisation – Complete class work and homework on time, plan ahead for exam preparation. Always be punctual to school.

5.Creativity and Problem Solving – be creative, open-minded, practical and helpful when approaching difficulties and problems. Always come up with your own original ideas and get feedback from your teachers.

6.Be Responsibile & dependable .Accept the responsibilities given to you.

7.Teamwork – be respectful, supportive and cooperative with fellow students, seniors & Teachers . Share your ideas and contribute to accomplish goals of your team.

Following the above qualities definitely will and can make every student a very Good Leader in future.



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