Most of the students struggle in the preparation of IIT-JEE and Board together. IIT – JEE  is highly reputed exam for engineering students .Their full focus is only on this exam. But at the same time Board preparation can not be ignored because class 12th result is given weightage in JEE -Mains exams. Board exam should not be underestimated as it greatly affects the JEE -Mains ranking.

Now Big question is how to synchronize the JEE and Class 12th board preparation and get high scores in both the exams. This is because there is less time gap between two exams. IIT -JEE Mains qualifying exam  is conducting in January . Board exams start in February  and JEE Mains is conducted in the first week of April. So students find it difficult to prepare for both the exams simultaneously.

This is possible only when you do proper planning and make proper schedule.

Here are some points which should be taken into consideration while preparation-

1. Make a Strategy

JEE is a really important and difficult examination. So, before you begin preparation for the examination, it is importance to make  a strategy. A good strategy is half the work done and will make it easy for you to reach your goal. Make a plan which include the syllabus of both the board exams as well as that of the JEE. Now break down the syllabus into separate sections, topic wise. Each topic should have a deadline and it should strictly be completed in that time period. However, you should be realistic in your goals. You should only set the targets that you feel you can achieve. Do not try to do everything at one time. It would only add to the stress and will frustrate you.

2. Focus on the theory and concepts

JEE -Mains focus on practice and application of concepts where as Board exams based upon theory. For Boards , you must follow NCERT books thoroughly. And for JEE – Mains  , you have to learn the applications of concepts.

3. Study the complete syllabus

Do not miss any chapter or topic for JEE exam, no matter how small or irrelevant it is. Devote sufficient time and efforts  to complete the syllabus. Completing the syllabus will boost your confidence and will help you to finish your paper on time.

4. Revise thoroughly

In board exams, revision is the key to get high marks. At least 2-3 revisions are must. It is  also important for JEE Main that you remember all the formulae so that you don’t miss the easy questions. There are some aspects in each subject which need to be understand  completely and revising it thoroughly can help you get easy marks. If you have limited time , prioritize the chapters with maximum weightage in JEE Main, which you have already covered and make sure that you revise them.

5. Analyse the pattern of the exams

You must  have  clear understanding of the pattern of the question paper. The board exams and the JEE have certain specific pattern of questions. Analyse the pattern as this will give you an understanding how much time you need to spend on a particular section or question. This will help you prepare in a more effective way and will enable you to score high  in the examinations.

6. Practice Previous Year Papers

Practice previous year test papers of JEE Main will help you polish  and clear the concepts that you are not confident about and give you an idea of the JEE Main. Analyse your results,know your strength and weakness and  enhance your study process to help yourself further. Alongside, do not miss out on previous year board exam papers so that you work on both hand in hand. Practice at least last 10 years paper for JEE Mains and board exams.

7. Join the Test Series

Test series will also help you focus, understand your weak points and improve your studying methodology accordingly.

To Join Test series for board exam as well as JEE-Mains  CLICK HERE.



To achieve the desired result , you must have positive attitude and regular study sessions with full focus. Simultaneous preparation of JEE-Mains and board exams will give you enough time to prepare for JEE-Mains after sumup of board examination.

Most importantly , Along with studies maintain a healthy lifestyle , take proper nutrition and enough sleep .






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