Science Fact – ICE is Hot and Not Cold !


When talk about winter , we always get the feeling of cold , snow etc. In summers when sun is shining with its full light we always demand some cold water or better called as ice cold water .

Some people used to say Drinks on the rocks because it is too hot . what we understand by this , Is ice hot or cold?

Lets understand the concept behind the hotness & coldness of ice. First of all you must know there are three types of processes according to heat change :

  1. Exothermic - Involving release of heat
  2. Endothermic - Involving absorption of heat
  3. No change of heat

If a substance release heat its surrounding will be hot but substance gets cool or low in energy  and If a substance absorb heat , substance become hot but its surrounding become cool.

Consider a glass full of hot water , glass become hot from out side due to release of heat , but milk become cool due to release of heat . In the same manner you might have been ever got an experience that after drinking cold water we feel more thirsty .

In case of ice , it absorb heat from surroundings . Hence we can say that surrounding of ICE always remain cool . But after the absorption of energy ice become HOT .Change  old believes and work on clearing of your concepts. Lets

Now we can say 'Solving the mysteries of Chemistry" of science facts.

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Science  Facts by Pradeep Sharma

I am sure that you all can easily understand the nature of ice . Ice is become more and more hot with the time . Its surroundings are cool but it become it self hot and hot .

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