Important topics from chapter Solution for Exams!



let’s start with second chapter -SOLUTION.

The weightage of this chapter is 5 marks. This chapter mainly focus on numericals. certain important topic are there like concentration of solution , Henry’s law , colligative properties , van’t Hoff factor  , abnormal molecular mass etc.

Some times conceptual questions or reasoning based questions are asked  on the topics like Henry’s law , osmotic pressure , Raoult’s law , Azeotropic mixture etc.

Graphs of ideal and non-ideal solution should also be done.

The whole chapter is important but most important topic on which questions are frequently asked are – Osmotic pressure (both numerical and reasoning based questions) , Depression in freezing point , Raoult’s law for volatile / non-volatile solute , ideal-non-ideal solution and Van’tHoff factor.

Examplary questions which are frequently asked are – • Definitions like ideal – non ideal solution ,+ve / -vedeviation and their conditions,  Henry law , Raoult’s law , Definition based upon osmotic pressure. • Reasoning based questions on applications of Henry’s law and osmotic pressure • Comparision of vapour pressure / boiling point of different solutions like which solution has higher boiling point – aq. solution of 0.1 m glucose or KCl • Calculation of freezing point / depression in freezing point / Degree or % of dissociation /molar mass /osmotic pressure / boiling point. • Raoult’s law expression for volatile solute and its similarity with Henry’s law • Nature of solute when i >1 or i <1 Click here for 1-Shot video of Solution chapter.


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