Exam preparation: Tips for best performance .

How to prepare for examination. Class 12 students this is the high time for prepare for your examinations. Most all of you till now have prepare your complete syllabus , now this is the time to prepare through the questions.

Following tips be helpful for you coming board examination.

1. Take easy chapter first for your exam preparation, like in chemistry you can first of all prepare polymer for your exam preparation.

First of all prepared the chapter by Watching our Videos and than by NCERT excercise.

Then prepare previous year question question from a good question bank for sample paper book like Our CAPSULE COURSE booklet.

For 100% marks in board exams

2. Divide your day into two halves .

In first half gave two hour each for each major subjects like physics chemistry mathematics or biology.

In the second half gave one hour each to each subject for the division.

And in remaining time try to give mock test of at least one subject daily .

3. You must be fully aware about your weak areas and strong areas . If you are weak in a particular chapter then instead of reading that several again and again at this moment of the time you just prepare the chapter by learning previous year Questions.

4. Sample paper issued by CBSE see also has great contribution in your examination. In the subject of physics and chemistry many questions can be in your exam this sample paper issued by CBSE.

5. Student don’t Forget to prepare for your practical is because the marks of practical also affact your percentage.

6. A 1:30 hours sleep in the noon will be best for keeping your mind refresh for the effective studies and preparation of your examination.

7. Take proper care of your health because when you take excess of exhaustion your health may get affected so try to give proper attention to the studies but not at the cost of your health.

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