Organic chemistry : Important Questions-1 , Mock Test-1

Note : for 100/100 Marks in Class 12 board exam

1. Explain why :‐ 

     (i)   Vinyl Chloride is unreactive in nucleophilic substitution reactions?

    (ii)    neo‐pentyl bromide undergone nucleophilic substitution reaction are very slowly?

2.How will you bring about the following conversions :

     i) Chlorobenzene to p-nitrophenol    ii) Toluene to Benzyl alcohol   iii) Ethanol to Propanenitrile

    iv) Benzene to 4-bromenitrobenzene   v) Ethyl chloride to Propanoic acid

3.p-dichlorobenzene has higher M.P and solubility than those of o- and m-isomers.Discuss.

4.How Phenol can be prepared by Cumene?

5. Give an illustration of Reimer Tiemann reaction with mechanism ?

6.Convert Phenol to Asprine?

7. Give the action of H2SO4 on ethanol in different condition , with mechanism?.

8.Why the reaction of ethers are catalysed by acid and not by base?

9.Why old samples of ethers are not good for distillation?

10.Why α-Hydrogen is acidic & Not the β-Hydrogen?

11.. What is – (a) Formalin (b) Silver mirror test (c) Formose

12.Write the reaction in Following case  –

     (a) CH3CHO reacts with Ammonical solution of silver nitrate .

     (b) CH3CHO treated with Conc. NaOH 

13.Why pH should be maintained during the reaction of Ammonia derivative ?

14. Give plausible explanation for each of the following :

     (i) Cyclohexanone forms cyanohydrins in good yield but 2,2,6‐tri methylcyclohexanone does not.

    (ii) There are two –NH2 groups in semicarbbazide. However onlyone is involved in the formation of semicarbazones.

15.What is  HVZ reaction?  Convert Acetic acid to (a) Oxalic acid (b) Malonic  acid

16.Give mechanism of esterification & Also explain Transesterification?

17. ‘Amide are more acidic than amines’. Why?
18. Arrange in the order of basic strength  MeNH2, Me2 NH, Me3N, in aqueous solution?
19. Convert – (a) Benzamide to aniline (b) Aniline to benzamide (c) Aniline to benzene iso cyanide

20. Give a chemical test to distinguish between aniline and ethylamine.

21.How is m‐nitroaniline obtained from nitirobenzene?What is meant by selective reduction?

22. Write the chemical equations for the following chemical reactions: A  pure primary amine is prepared from a  primary alkyl halide.

23. Define Zwitter in ? What is the structural formula of the zwitter ion formed from Aniline? Why Zwitter ion has two pK values?

24. How will you distinguish between followings –

   (a) CH3CN & CH3NC     (b) CH3NO2 & CH3ONO    (c) Aniline & Et-NH2    (d) Butanal & Ethanal

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