Electrochemistry in 1-Shot

For Free Videos and Coaching Free Education for class-12 Click Here. Guys ,Here i am explaining The Best Method To learn Class 12 Chemistry Chapter “Electrochemistry” in the most simple way for Board Examination and State Board Exams. In Board Exam you will get Numericals as well as theoretical problem from this chapter . According to CBSE’s new pattern you can get Paragraph type Question from this chapter. First of All i would like to recommend to Prepare the concept of “Conductivity” . 1. Specific Conductivity 2. Molar Conductivity 3. Equivalent Conductivity

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You have to prepare about their Numericals and effect of dilution . Here i am also giving a video for explaining the complete Topic . Next Topic is About the Faradays law .

Kohlraush’s Law is the Next Topic to be Prepared from this Chapter.

After Faraday’s Law The next Suitable Topic is “ELECTROCHEMICAL CELL “

EMF series is the Next Followed Topic from this chapter .

Effect of Concentration on Electrode Potential and EMF of cell .


For EMF of Cell :

Electrolysis is the Next Topic from this chapter .

Guys don’t Forget to prepare (a) Fuel Cell (b) Lead Cell from this chapter . For full video of ELECTROCHEMISTRY Click Here .

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