Sample Test : Atomic structure or Structure Of Atom

Guys here i am providing the MOCK TEST for New Session for Class-11 , Chemistry Chapter, ATOMIC STRUCTURE OR STRUCTURE OF ATOM.
1. The amu has mass equal to —–kg.
2. The number of molecules present in 1 kg mole is ———–
3. The normality of 500 ml of 0.2 M sulphuric acid is ——-
4. The empirical formula of hydrogen peroxide is ———-
5. On mixing two reactants, the substance that reacts completely is called —– whereas the other is called ———-
6. Given that density of water is 1 g/ml. What is its density in kg/m3?
7. Why the atomic masses of most of the elements are fractional ?
8. Why air is sometimes considered as heterogeneous mixture ?
9. What is the atomicity of propane molecule?
10. Iron  and oxygen combine to form three oxides, FeO,Fe2O3 , Fe3O4. Which law does it prove ?

Assertion –Reason type questions –

In the following questions, a statement of assertion followed by a statement of reason is given . Choose the correct answer out of the following choices :

(a) Both assertion and reason are true and reason is correct explanation of assertion.
(b) Both assertion and reason are true and reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.
(c) Assertion is true but reason is false.
(d) Both the assertion and reason are false.

11. ASSERTION : A single C12 atom has a mass exactly 12 amu and a mole of these atoms has a      mass of exactly 12 grams.

      Reason :  A mole of atoms of any element has a mass in gram equal to its atomic mass.

12.  ASSERTION : In a gaseous reaction , the ratio of volumes of the reactants and gaseous products is in agreement with their molar ratio.

Reason : Volume of gas is inversely proportional to its moles at particular temperature and  


13. ASSERTION : The standard unit for expressing the mass of atom is amu.

     Reason : amu is also called avogram.

14. ASSERTION : Equal mole  of different substances contain the same number of constituent 


     Reason : Equal weights of different substances contain the same number of constituent particles.

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15. Empirical and molecular formula of Na2CO3 is same.

      Reason : Na2CO3 does not not form hydrates.

16. How many moles of KI are required to produce 0.4 moles of K2HgI4 ?                                 

       a.  0.4    b.  0.8     c.  3.2   d.  1.6

17.  Two grams of sulphur is completely burnt in oxygen to form SO2.In this reaction,what is volum 

      (  in litres )  of oxygen consumed at STP?( At .wt. of sulphur & oxygen are 32 and 16 ) .

       a. 16 / 22.414               b. 22.414 / 16    c.  22.414 / 32               d.  32 / 22.414

18. 3 gm of an oxide of metal is converted to chloride completely & it yielded 5 gm of chloride.The 

     equivalent weight of metal is :   

       a.  20                            b.  12                   c.  3.325                       d.  33.25

19. The number of moles of hydroxide ( OH) ions in 0.3 litre of 0.005 m solution of Ba (OH)2 is :

       a.  0.005                      b.  0.003             c. 0.0015                     d.   0.007

20. Dulong & petit’s law is valid only for :

       a. metals            b. non-metals      c. gaseous elements         d. solid elements             1x 20


   21. Calculate vol. of SO2 gas at STP which contain 3.01 x 1023 molecules.


   22. What weight of H2S gas at STP occupy  112 c.c. vol.


   23. Calculate the number of atoms of the constituent  element in 53 gm. Of Na2CO3 .                   2x3


  24. Chlorophyll contain 2.68% of Mg by mass .Calculate number  of Mg atom in 2..00gm  of chlorophyll?


  25. Find out Molarity of a solution 500 cc of which contains 2.45 g of H2SO4?


  26.Find out number of atoms in 34 amu ofNH3 ?  


  27. A compound contain C = 41.37 % , H = 5.75 % ,N = 16.09 % ,V.D. = 43.3 .Calculate 

    Molecular formula .


 28.Define – 

      (a) SI definition of 1 mole 

      (b) Low of constant composition 

      (c) Normality                                                                                                                     3x 5



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