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Class – XII – Solutions , Test Duration – 1:30 min

  1. Calculate the mass of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C, C6H8O6) to be dissolved in 75 g of acetic acid to

lower its melting point by 1.5°C. Kf = 3.9 K kg mol−1.

2.Calculate the osmotic pressure in pascals exerted by a solution prepared by dissolving 1.0 g of

polymer of molar mass 185,000 in 450 mL of water at 37°C.

  1. Give an example of solid solution in which the solute is a gas? Explain Henery’s law & is its significance?

4.What role does the molecular interaction play in a solution of alcohol and water?

5.Why do gases always tend to be less soluble in liquids as the temperature is raised?

  1. Calculate the depression in the freezing point of water when 10 g of CH3CH2CHClCOOH is added

to 250 g of water. Ka = 1.4 × 10−3, Kf = 1.86 K kg mol−1.

  1. Determine the osmotic pressure of a solution prepared by dissolving 25 mg of K2SO4 in 2 liter of water at

25° C, assuming that it is completely dissociated.

  1. Based on solute-solvent interactions, arrange the following in order of increasing solubility in

n-octane and explain – Cyclohexane, KCl, CH3OH, CH3CN.   cont…..download from link given above .


Class – XI – Structure of Atoms – Duration 1:30 mint.


  1. State the physical significance of psi (ψ)?
  2. Define K-Capture ?
  3. Which quantum numbers determine the magnetism of an atom?
  4. Why hockey ball does not seems to made wave?
  5. How many spectral lines will be obtained when electron jumps from 6th orbit

to ground state?

  1. 6.       Why electron does not exist in nucleus ?



  1. An e has a speed of 500 ms with an uncertainity of 0.02%. What is the

uncertainty in locating its position?

  1. Show that the circumference of the Bohr orbit for the hydrogen atom is an

integral multiple of the de Broglie wavelength associated with the electron

revolving around the orbit.


  1. [a] Write Quantum number in case of Cr ( At. No. 24 ) –
  2. Highest energu Subshell .
  3. Outer most electron

[b]     The kinetic energy of a sub-atomic particle is 4.55X10-25 J

Calculate the frequency of the particle wave.

  1. The work function for caesium atom is 1.9 eV. Calculate (a) the threshold

wavelength and (b) the threshold frequency of the radiation. If the caesium

element is irradiated with a wavelength 500 nm, calculate the kinetic energy

and the velocity of the ejected photoelectron.

cont……..download from the link given link.

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