How to prepare Chapter “SOLUTIONS” For Examination.

For coming Board Examination it is must to prepare with enthusiasm and correct strategy .

From many years we are producing students with 100/100 . Hard work is important but correct strategy is more important. In this article i am explaining the method for preparing class 12 chapter SOLUTION for Board Examinations.

In NCERT and other reference books , the chapter is very big with lots of concepts . Here i am providing the shortest method to prepare this Chapter .

Main content for Board Exam is :

A. Concentration: Molarity , Molality , Normality , Mole fraction

B. Raoult’s Law : Law of Non volatile Solute.

C. Ideal & Non Ideal Solution with Azeotropic mixture .

D. Colligative Properties .

Numericals mainly based upon Depression in freezing point & Osmotic Pressure .

Note: Take Screenshots of following images as NOTES.

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