Class 12th Board exams preparations.

Tips for Physics:Try to follow tips to get best outcome in boards

1.Work on  fundamental and basic concepts .

2.Exams contain a number of questions that are direct formula- and theorem-based. Therefore, make sure to revise these as many times .

3.Revisionis the key strategy here. Use the formulas and theorems extensively different problems of last years’ papers and model papers, making sure to time yourself. Try and solve at least seven numerical problems daily.

4.Some of the relatively easier topics are Modern Physics, Optics, Oscillation & Waves, and Heat & Thermodynamics, which are more based on theory and direct formula. Preparing these well will get you sure-shot marks.


1.This is a high-scoring subject while less time-consuming compared with other subjects , Try to prepare it effectiviely.

2.The questions on Organic and Inorganic Chemistry can be prepared from NCERT & attempted first as these can be solved very quickly. This will boost your confidence and give ample time for rest of the paper.

3.Speed with accuracy in solving problems can only be acquired thorough in-depth study of the subject and extensive practice.

4.Thoroughly study the name reactions in Organic Chemistry, Highly important.

5. Last but not least , Write down all the important formulae on a piece of paper and paste it where

you can’t help seeing it on a daily basis.


1.As the subject include lots of diagrams, Try to draw diagram neat & clean.

2.Biology involves learning and memorizing difficult terminology. Practice spelling carefully.

3.Once you go through the entire syllabus, try to solve objective questions first.

4.Learn by writing & diagrams all the times.

Tips on Mathematics

1.Get the Basics and concepts clear.

2.Practice a lot as this is the key to success. Take out an hour in a day to practice mathematics regularly.

3.Solve the problems using conventional methods first.

4.Calculations can be lengthy and time is a major factor during the exams. Thus practice a lot to

acquire speed so as to attempt the entire paper.

5.Beware of the silly mistakes you make during exam. Try to appear in mock test.

Books Recommended – Objective chemistry for NEET –

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Objective Errorless Chemistry for NEET | JEE –

Objective by R.C. Grover for JEE – by R.C. Grover for NEET –

For Board & School exams – Class – XI –

For Board Exams Class – XII –

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