Tips For NEET Exam

Dear students as you all know i am a chemistry teacher and teaching chemistry via Off line mode, Online mode , Through Youtube Channel and on  Unacademy.

In today's My online class i encounter with the student's issue like anxiety from NEET exam. Lots of students Participated in today's session but many of them are facing same issue.

Many of them surfed internet regarding the tips for NEET. They found it but 20 - 30 tips .

wao..It is fascinating to follow 20-30 tips .

Again the Problem is same . How to deal with the anxiety related to NEET?

  1. Sir , what should do now ?
  2. Sir , Bahut darr lag raha hai ?
  3. Sir , Kya mujh se NEET ho payega ?..

Lots of such questions were put by students . It is obvious that student are worried about these exams . Most of them are not equipped with proper books & facilities but they also have right of good future. Lakhs of them are studying only through youtube . The constantly surf internet for their future. Thanks to cheap internet initiated by Relience JIO , students from remote areas and conservative families have access to the good quality of education.

According to me in the last week of examination day's a student must take care followings -

  1. Don't prepare what you have left . Any chapter which you have left , no need to prepare that . you can leave 2-3 chapters from entire syllabus , still you can get good rank in your NEET or JEE examination .
  2. Never share your fears with your competitors , they can hamper your preparation by their words. Consult with a good educator/ counsellor only .
  3. Revise syllabus by Meditative technique i.e. By closing your eyes , revise chapter. Learn the forgotten portion immediately.
  4. Work on 10 Mock Tests in last week .  Try to Prepare along with their solutions. In this manner you will prepare 1800 questions along with answer in this week. This is a great deal .
  5. Prepare Past 10 year Questions along with answers .

Guys don't forget to take good care of your health because anxiety reflect bad effect on health .

From chemistry syllabus point of view i can suggest that -

  1. For Physical chemistry work on Previous year and test series Problems.
  2. For Inorganic & Organic chemistry work on MCQ Based Upon NCERT & Previous 7 year problems .

Remember in these examination weightage of class XI is about 60% in JEE examination & in NEET about 50% . Prepare Physical chemistry from class 11 syllabus .

Guys i hope you will be benefited from these tips.

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