Tips for Best Performance in exams.

Now we are in the last month before exams. 11 months you all have spent only to perform in the month of march. But this entire work will not only to pass exams but to shape up your career.

Till the month of November-December most of you spent time for making notes , getting familiar with syllabus , scientific terms , but now the time of memorizing & performing .

The main Anxiety students face is the pressure of JEE & NEET along with board exams. This many time lead to depression among the students.

May students i saw in past 15 days suffering from exam phobia & high stress. Their parents at this moment says that we want our child to be happy , but performance is also needed.

The main cause of this problem is the lack of focused studies upto month of December , Lack of revision or overall i can say lack of study plan.

I can help you in this regard . Try to follow following tips for best performance –

  1. Solve all CBSE sample papers carefully .
  2. Previous 8 years are also very important ,don’t forget  to solve them.
  3. NCERT important questions are must in each subject . Click here for NCERT important questions
  4. Restrict time for social network , mobile phones etc.

For JEE-mains & NEET , it is must to cover class 12th syllabus effectively in last month & prepare for class 11th after board exams.

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