Reasoning Questions of Organic Chemistry.

Lots of questions in organic chemistry comes from the reasoning section. Each and every chapter of organic chemistry possess large number of reasoning questions.

Answer of most of the question is based on resonance and inductive effect.

A student must have prior knowledge of resonance and inductive effect to solve all the problems correctly.

In case of halo alkanes and halo arenes most of the questions comes from reactivity.

Answers of all these questions are based upon resonating structure and partial double bond.

In case of alcohols and phenols most of the questions are from acidic strength. Again strong knowledge of resonance and resonating structure can help in solving such type of questions.

In case of aldehydes and ketones most of the questions are based on reactivity and the answer of these questions are based upon inductive effect.

In case of a Amines maximum questions appears from basic strength and the answer in wall both residents as well as inductive effect.

Following video will explain all the reasoning questions of organic chemistry in detail-

Click here for detailed explanation of reasoning questions and their Answers

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