Positive thinking Vs Positive Determination

In my life I have come across such situation so many times that what I think in my subconscious mind is always become reality.

I was always amazed by seeing what is going on whatever I think that become reality. But the thing is that when I think by my conscious mind I don’t get that thought in reality but whatever I think in my subconscious mind 24 hours I always see that as reality in my life.

Once I was very ill in my conscious mind are used to think that I will become okay but in my subconscious mind there was always a fear of surgery. You all can understand at that time I got surgery. This I’m such a large number of things created a conclusion in my mind that whatever we think in our subconscious mind then always become reality.

Dear students same thing I would like to say to you think from your subconscious mind. Always have such determination in your subconscious mind that you are going to be successful .

Parents generally used to say that their child is not working at all and when this quote becomes deep into their subconscious mind , It starts to become reality. And that child can never be able to achieve success because the subconscious mind a adopt the way in which we are thinking.

You need to feed your mind regularly with the positive and determined decisions.

The famous law of attraction says what we think we attract . One thing keep in your mind that it shouldn’t be thinking but it should be determination of firm determination.

Four students I would like to say that consider yourself that you are a doctor or an engineer. Never think that you are going to be a doctor you are going to be an engineer but always think that you are already a doctor and already an Engineer.

Paste a paper on the wall of your room writing that I am…….. filling the blanks .

whatever you want to be right in those  blanks.

If you want to be Doctor  , write doctor .

If you want to be an engineer right engineer in those blanks.

If you wanna be a millionaire, right Millionaire .

Guys remember it is not the positive thinking but it is the positive determination which works. If you want to change your life change your determination.

Lonely Candle can be seen from a large distances because it only spreads its light. Positive determination is like the light of the candle which always has its effect even if you are facing hard time but remember you will can get success any time.

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