Polymers: Important Questions

1.What is BuNa – N ?

2.What is the monomer of Nylon – 6 . Give its method of prepration?

3. Why Polymerization reactions get stopped by the addition of Benzoquinone?


4.What are – (a) Thermoplastic polymers  (b) Step growth polymers5. Give reason, the type of polymerization mechanism followed by Acrylonitrile (CH2 = CH – CN ) for the preparations of PAN ?         

5. Write a short note on Phenol formaldehyde  resins? Give its two types with reactions?

6.What are thermosetting and Thermoplastic polymers ? Give examples.

7.What is the difference between Nylon-6 and Nylon-6,6 ?

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8.What is Step growth polymerization ?Explain the steps involved in this process.

9.What is the difference between Elastomers and Fibres ? Give one example of each.

10.Write the equations for the synthesis of – i) Neoprene   ii) Glyptal

      Which one of the two is a condensation  polymer ?

11. What is Caprolactum , Give suitable method for its preparations.

12. What are Plasticizers ? What is their Function.

13. What is the function of CCl4 in Polymerization ?

14. What is meant by Chain Inhibitor & Chain Transfer agent ?

15. What is the role of configuration in the polymerisation of Alkenes?

16. Explain The process of Polymerisation In Conjugated Dienes ?

21.What is PTFE ? Write its popular name.

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