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1. What is COLLODIAN ?

2. If we apply pressurein certain type of shoes they start emitting light. Which property of solid is indicated by this?

3. What happen tospecific conductivity if we add water to the system?

4. Why addition of nonvolatile solute decreases the freezing point of a liquid?

5. How catalyst increasesthe rate of reaction?

6. Give Antifluorite structure with  example.      

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7. Analysis shows  that nickel  oxide has formula  Ni0.98O1.00. What   fractions of the nickel exist as  Ni2+ and Ni3+  ions?      

8. Whyoxygen mixed with helium is used by deep sea divers?  What is bends?   

9. Calculate (a) molality (b) molarity  of KI if the density of 20% (mass/mass)  aqueous KI is 1.202 g mL-1

10.Calculate the potentialof hydrogen electrode in contact with a solution whose pH is 10.

11.How much charge is required for the following reductions:

                       (i) 1 mol of Al3+to Al.     (ii) 1 mol of Cu2+ to Cu.   

12. What will be the effect of temperature on rate constant? Explain with suitable expression?

13. Derive  relation b/n t99.9%  and   t99%.        

14. Why is ferric chloride preferred over potassium chloride in case of a cut  Leading to bleeding?

15. An element has density of 19.35  gm/c.c. and length  of side of unit cell  is 316 pm. Theunit  cell is b.c.c.How many atoms of  element does 50 gm of element  contain ?                                                                                    

16. Si is doped with P .  Explain   –

   (a) Which typeof defect this is?   

   (b) Which typeof Conductivity they show?   

   (c) What willbe the effect on density?      

   17. Conductivity  of 0.00241 M acetic acid is 7.896 x 10-5  S cm-1 .  Calculate its  molar conductivity  and ifΛo  for acetic acid is 390 .5  S cm2 mol-1 , what  is its   dissociation constant ?    

18. (a) What is meant by Cathodic protection?

     (b) Writethe reactions of Fuel cell?

     (c) Calculate e.m.f.  for following cell – 

Cd |Cd+2  (0. 1M) || Ag+1 ( 0.1M ) | Ag

                  E0 Cd+2/ Cd = – 0.40V   ;  E0Ag+ / Ag  = 0.8V

19. Two elements A & B form compounds having molecular formula AB2 & AB4. When dissolved in 20g of C6H6, 1g AB2 lowers the freezing point by 2.3 & 1g AB4  lowers it by 1.3K.The molar depressionconstant for benzene is 5.1Kg mol-1. Calculate atomic mass A & B.

20.(a) Why During Ice cream Making  Icecream maker add salt to the ice cream?

      (b) Define Raoults law for the solutionshaving non Volatile solute?

      (c)What will be the Vant’s hoff factor for Glucose & K4[Fe(CN)6]

21. (1) Comment on the statement that “colloid is not a substance but a state ofsubstance”.                          

     (2) A colloidal solution of AgI is preparedby two different methods.

          (A) AgNO3 solution is added toexcess KI  solution.

          (B) KI solution is added to excess AgNO3solution.

              What is the charge on the Ag I colloidalparticles in the two cases. Explain.          

22. (a) The half life period of a first  order reaction is 600 s .What percent of A  remain after30 minutes?                                            

     (b) Give differences between order of reaction and molecularity ? Which of them is affected by temperature?

23. The activationenergy for the reaction

     2HI(g) → H2 + I2(g) is 209.5 kJmol1 at 581K.Calculate the fraction of molecules of reactants having energy equal to orgreater than activation energy?                                                                 

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