Numercals of solide state chemistry

Lots of students continuously asking me for making videos on numericals of chemistry for their exams . Recently i had started to make such videos.

Lets see “How to solve Numericals of class 12th chemistry chapter Solid state”

In this chapter numericals are mainly of 4 types –

(a) Calculation of Rank of the unit cell – Rank of the unit cell means the number of atoms actually present in a unit cell.

Rank of the unit cell = Number of site Occupied By Particles x Contribution of that site.

Remember the Number of site as – A unit cell consist of Corners(8) , Face center (6) , Edge center (12) , Body diagonal (4) , Face diagonal (12).

Contribution of the sites are – corner (1/8 ) , Face center (1/2 ) , Edge center (1/4 ) , Body Center & body diagonal (1).

See the following video for numericals based upon the rank of the unit cell –

(b) Relation between Edge length & Nearest neighbor distance (c) Edge length & radius (d) Density of unit cell.

All these Numericals can be learned on following link –

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  1. sir please give me notes, excercise and video notes playlist detail for first grade chemistry teacher competition thanks

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