Mock Test:1 , Chemistry

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1. Why is it essential to wash the precipitate with water before estimating it quantitatively?
2. What is the covalence of nitrogen in N2O5?
3. Using IUPAC norms write the systematic name for  [Pt(NH3)2Cl(NH2CH3)]Cl ?
4. Draw the structure of H2S2O8?
5. What is meant by Ambidentate functional group ?
6. A) What type of semiconductor is obtained when Silicon is doped with Boron?

B) Which is example of Molecular Solid and why – CO2 and SiO2 ?

7. Based on solute – solvent interaction , arrange the following in order of increasing solubility in n– octane and explain : Cyclohexane , KCl , CH3OH, CH3CN?  
8. A sample of ferrous oxide has actual formula Fe0.93 O1.00 . In this sample what fraction and percentage of metal ions are Fe+2 ions ? what type of non-stoichiometric defect is present in this sample?
9. Conductivity of 0.00241M acetic acid is 7.896 X 10-5 S cm-1 , Calculate its molar conductivity .If Ʌºm for acetic acid is 390.5 S Cm2 mol-1,What is its dissociation constant? 
10. The HNH angle value is higher than HPH, HAsH and HSbH angles. Why?
11. Answer followings –

a)Why sucrose is a nonreducing sugar?

b) What is meant by Melting temperature of DNA?

c) Why we require Vitamin – C regularly ? 

12. Write the names and structure of monomers of the following polymers:

i)Terylene  ii)Buna-N  iii)Neoprene

13. How will you bring about the following conversions?

i)Nitrobenzene to Phenol   ii)Aniline to Chlorobenzene.

14. Two elements A and B form compounds having formula AB2and AB4. When dissolved in 20 gm.  benzene , 1.0gm of AB2lowers the freezing point by 2.3K whereas 1.0g of AB4lowers it by 1.3K the molar depression constant for benzene is 5.1K Kg mol-1 . Calculate atomic masses of A and B.
15. Write the chemical equations to illustrate the following name reactions

i)Wolff-Kishner Reduction   ii)Aldol condensation   iii)HVZ-reaction

16. a) In an aqueous solution , how does specific conductivity of electrolytes changes with addition of water ?

b) Write the Nernst equation and EMF of the following cells at 298 K: 

Pt(s) | Br2(l) | Br(0.010 M) || H+(0.030 M) | H2(g) (1 bar) | Pt(s)   

17. i)  Explain why fluorine forms only one Oxo acid , HOF.ii)Why is ICl more reactive than I2?

iii)Complete the following reaction XeF4 + O2F2 

18. a)Out of C and CO, which is better reducing agent at 673 K?

b)Explain the role of Cryolite in the electrolytic reduction of alumina.


19. i) Name the method used for the refining of zirconium.

ii)What is the role of carbon monoxide in extraction of iron?

iii)Reduction of metal oxide to metal becomes easier if the metal obtained in liquid state. Why?

20. tert-Butybromide reacts with aq. NaOH by SN1 mechanism while n-butyl bromide reacts by SN2 mechanism. Why?
21. Why it is necessary to maintain pH of ammonia derivative on Aldehyde and ketone. Explain with mechanism?
22. i. Draw Optical Isomer of [Pt(en)(NH3)2Cl2 ]?

ii. What type of isomer is shown by – [Cr(H2O)6]Cl3 ?

iii Why are low spin tetrahedral complexes not formed?

23. i) Which of two He and Ne, gets adsorbed on the surface of charcoal more readily, and why?

ii) A delta is formed at the meeting point of sea water and river water?

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