MCQ , Chemical Bonding

1.The hybrid state of S in SO is similar to that of
a) Cin C2H2. c) Cin CH4
b) Cin C2H4. d) C in CO2
2.The hydration energy of Mg2+ is larger than that of.
a) Al3+. b) Na+. c) Be+2. d) None of these
3.Number of lone pair (s) in XeOF+ is/are
a) 0. b)1. c) 2. d) 3
4.Van der Waals’ forces between molecules depend upon:
a) Number of electrons b) Charge on nucleus
c) Radius of atoms. d) All of these
5.XeF6 is
a) Octahedral. b) Pentagonal pyramidal
c) Planar. d) tetrahedral
6.The bond order in NO is 2.5 while that in NO+ is 3. Which of the following statements is true for these two species?
a) Bond length in NO+ is greater than in NO
b) Bond length in NO is greater than in NO+
c) Bond length in NO+ is equal to than in NO
d) Bond length is unpredictable
7.An atom with atomic number 20 is most likely to combine chemically with the atom whose
atomic number iS:
a) 11. b) 16. c) 18. d) 10
8.Which has the largest distance between the carbon hydrogen atom?
a) Ethane b) Ethene. c) Ethyne. d)Benzene
9.Length of hydrogen bond ranges from 2.5À to:
a) 3.0 À b) 2.75 À. c) 2.6 A. d) 3.2

10.If H – X bond length is 2.00 À and H – X bond has dipole moment 5.12 × 10-30C – m,
the percentage of ionic character in the molecule will be
a) 10%. b) 16%. c) 18%. d)20%

11 Which molecule is planar?
a) NH3. b) CH4. C) C2H. d) SiCl4

12 From the molecular orbital theory, one can show that the bond order in F molecule as
a) 2. b)1. c) 3. d) 4

13.Two ice cubes are pressed over each other until they unite to form one block. Which one of thefollowing forces dominates for holding them together?
a) Dipole-dipole interaction
b) Van der Waals’ forces
c) Hydrogen bond formation
d) Covalent attraction

14.Maximum number of covalent bonds between two like atoms can be:
a) Three. b) Two. c) Four. d) One

15.When sodium and chlorine react, energy is:
a) Released and ionic bond is formed
b) Released and covalent bond is formed
c) Absorbed and covalent bond is formed
d) Absorbed and ionic bond is formed

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