Live Classes For NEET & JEE

Education is not in same form as it was few years ago. In the past students has to travel miles away for good education. Some students can make it and other may not. Quality education was much needed from ancient history. Rajkumar’s of Various dynasty to to “Guru asharams” for quality education. They spend years in searching best Guru’s for their bright future . This search is still continue.

For preparing NEET and JEE students travel to big cities for achieving their dreams .

Free Preparation of NEET | JEE , Our You Tube Channel .

This is highly expensive deal for middle class & other members of our society. Fee of these coaching institute can be between 1 lac-5 lacs .

Accommodation also increases the expense.

Lakhs of students go for coaching every years , but only few able to clear these examinations, which can be counted easily .

Youth generally feels psychologically deppresed by all these . Some emotional students in past also exchanged their life with these dreams in big city like Kota , Rajasthan.

Relience initiated low cost Mobile services in India , and , this was great boostup in achieving dreams of students. Now 4G services take best teachers to the mobile screen of students .

I personally can say that traffic on my YouTube channel increases many times with the launch of JIO .

Students now a days are learning from best faculty all over India and achieving their highest goal .

Online education changes entire more of education , availability of education .

Now I can say “Education any time ,any where, any number of time”

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Note- Students also have opportunity to revise syllabus through our YouTube channel.

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I am running online education through three medium :

1. Free education through my YouTube channel – Pradeep Sharma

2. Paid platform : Our online courses , through our website.

3. Through Unacademy: Our free courses as well as Paid Plus courses on Unacademy’s application also preparing students for NEETv, JEE , XII and XI exams . Click here for our Live Classes on Unacademy’s app

Students can take benefit of live Classes and Live interaction through Unacademy’s website and app. Visit in Plus course section of Unacademy’s app and get enrolled for our Plus courses .

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