Live Classes for NEET & JEE

Hi Guys , JEE mains-1 is almost here & JEE mains-2 is coming in April . Many of you might burning midnight oil for these engineering entrance examinations for taking admission in prestigious IIT. You might have saw the movie SUPER-30 , how teachers & Students can achieve their dreams by  Hard working .

Our dedicated You tube channel provide free education for all the students for Achieving their aim of JEE mains , JEE advance & NEE examination. For Free videos Click here.

I already Explained about schedule of preparation of these prestigious examinations.n various articles like How to prepare for JEE mains / NEET exams.

As far as important Topics are concern you can prepare in following sequence :

  1. Classification of elements
  2. Chemical Bonding
  3. Mole concept , Limiting reactant
  4. Atomic structure
  5. States of matter
  6. Chemical Thermodynamics
  7. Chemical Equilibrium
  8. S-Block elements (NCERT)
  9. Hydrogen (NCERT)
  10. P-Block elements (NCERT)
  11. Solution
  12. Electrochemistry
  13. Chemical Kinetics
  14. Surface chemistry
  15. General Inorganic chemistry
  16. D&F-Block elements
  17. P-Block elements
  18. Coordination Compounds
  19. General Organic chemistry
  20. Haloalkanes & Haloarenes
  21. Alcohols , Ether  & Phenols
  22. Aldehyde & Ketones
  23. Carboxylic acids
  24. Nitrogen Containing compounds
  25. Biomolecules
  26. Extraction (NCERT)
  27. Polymers (NCERT)
  28. Surface chemistry (NCERT)
  29. Chemistry in Everyday Life (NCERT)

Make a habit of learning by revising continuously  , by writing as well as by using your imaginations.

Now it is a good news for you , I am starting Live classes for coming JEE mains , JEE advance & NEET examinations through my You Tube channel.

These classes will exclusively for Our Subscribers & Our enrolled students.

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