Important Topics for Chemistry Exam of Class-12

Dear Students exams are here and i am fully aware about your anxiety.

Lets solve your problem , i am here going to tell important topics of each chapter.

SOLID STATE : Classification of solids , Numericals of Unit cell , edge length. Numericals based upon density , Previous year questions based upon Imperfections.

SOLUTION : Ideal & Non Ideal solutions , Raoult’s law , Elevation in Boiling point , depression in freezing point & Osmotic Pressure:

ELECTROCHEMISTRY : types of conductivity, Kohlraoush’s Law , Numericals based upon Nernst equation and Gibb’s Energy.

CHEMICAL KINETICS : Differences between Rate of reaction and specific reaction rate , Order & Molecularity , initial rate method & Integrated rate law for first order with numericals.


P-BLOCK ELEMENTS: Problems based upon oxidation state of group 15 and 17 . Oxo acids of group 15,16 . Types of acids in group 17 , Oxo acids of group 15,16 & 17 . Chemical reaction from NCERT book and Questions from NCERT excercise.

D&F-BLOCK : NCERT Excercise.

COORDINATION COMPOUNDS: Nomenclature problems from NCERT , CFT , VBT and NCERT problems based upon VBT. Organometallic compounds and NCERT problems.

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