Important Questions & Topics For Class 12 Chemistry exam

In this article i am going to upload Important Questions , Topics & tips for class 12th Board Exams.

For Chemistry exam preparations try to adopt followings-

1.Try Solve at least 3 CBSE sample papers in prescribed time.

2.Improve your  skills of maths for numericals.

3.Work on  sample papers and previous years’ papers & learn by writing them again.

4.Work as per marking scheme .

5.Make short notes of important derivations, definations and practice diagrams .

6.Memories definitions , laws & Name Reactions.

7.Take care of  SI units and other details.

8.Work on your speed ,  time  management in solving the Chemistry paper.

9.Application oriented and experimental based questions are very important in the examination. So, the students must have a clear understanding & Practice about  it.


Admit card & Roll Number : Most important , do not forget to carry the admit card. Without it,

you won’t be allowed to appear for the exam & anxiety level will be high

Read Question paper carefully: Before attempting the paper/exam, a reading time of 15 minutes

will be provided. A student should not waste this time ,  read the question paper carefully and check

out the marks assigned to each question. Make strategy for attempting the answers.

Make Sure of proper choices: There are lots of choices in Chemistry paper. (1) An internal choice

in one question of 2 marks (2) one question of 3 marks, (3) three questions of 5 marks.

In the first 15 minutes of reading time, Decide which one you like to attempt.

Art of Answering : A question has main components –

 (1)Answer (2) Cause (3) Formula (4) Example (5) Graph or Diagram

Remember Definitions should be to the point; derivations must be proper & should contain a

sentence or two of introduction, a neat & clean  diagram, clear mathematical steps with highlighted

final result.

Don’t forget the Sequence: Follow the proper sequence for Answering  if the question demands

you to write about the process or steps.

Important Component i.e. Examples: Try to give examples wherever possible even not asked in


Work on Time management: Be careful about time allotment for each question ,  not to spend too

much time on one particular question at the cost of other questions. Questions asking to ‘distinguish’

or ‘differentiate’ should be written in a table form. Remember each difference is of ½ marks.

Neat & Clean Diagrams: Give diagrammatic representation .

Avoid Repeated answers: Never do the practice of writing answer twice . It can affect your marks.

Students Here I am Posting Important Topics & Questions for class 12th Board exams-

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