Important MCQ for JEE mains & NEET Organic Chemistry

Students as we all know the chemistry is a highly scouting subject in competitive Exams. It is a rank maker subject.

Here i am talking about the organic chemistry and is important Topics for JEE MAINS & NEET exams .

Organic chemistry

Nomenclature is the first topic which a student must prepare for JEE MAINS & NEET exmaminations. Important topic for nomenclature are Polyfunctional compounds, alicyclic , esters , Bond line notation, Aromatic compounds , E & Z , R & S systems of nomenclature.

General Organic Chemistry (GOC) involve basics of Organic chemistry. Important topics are the Application of Inductive effect , application of resonance , application of Reaction intermediates & Hyperconjugation.

Important topics from other chapter of Organic, i will discuss in another article .

Here i would like to suggest an important topic which you must prepare for JEE MAINS & NEET examination.

Out of various mechanisms of Nucleophilic substitution reactions main two mechanisms are SN1 & SN2 mechanisms. A student must have basic understanding of carbocation while understanding the concept of SN1 & SN2 reaction. Meaning of SN1 is Substitution Nucleophilic unimolecular reaction and SN2 is substitution Nucleophilic bi-molecular reaction.

Following video explains Important MCQ from SN1 & SN2 reaction mechanism for NEET and JEE exams .

Click here for Important MCQ for SN1 & SN2 reaction .

Watch the video on YouTube By Clicking here.

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