How to take a leap in studies : A journey from MCQ to subjective paper

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Pandemic affected us all in various ways , physically , mentally , financially. But one of worst victim of COVID is studies and our dear students. Future of students were like the pendulum who does not know what is it’s fixed position for the time being . Session 2020-21 exams for class X and XII were cancelled & students of session 2021-22 were hoping the same. But all their hopes took a back seat when board conducted mcq exams of semister -1. Now final dates of semister -2 exams have been declared. Examination will be in subjective formate . Till now , most of the students lost practice of writing the exams .
Now question arises , how to bring your studies back on track and that on subjective manner. So today , I am going to give you few tips and tricks to take a leap in your studies.
1. First of all , Stay calm . Do not get stressed . Collect all your thoughts and say it loud to yourself – I CAN DO IT.

2. Start from today . Each and every journey starts from baby step. A small can do the wonder to bring a change in you.
3. Make a time table . Give some extra time to the subject which scare you the most.
4. If possible , Eat that frog first . It means start with the subject / topic which u think is difficult or need more practice . Once you master that subject / topic , everything else will be easier for you.
5. Start doing written practice . It will not only improve your handwriting but also help you to frame your answer.
6. Also Increase your speed of writing but your handwriting should easily be read and understood.
7. Always do complete chapter .Never leave a single topic of a chapter because you never know , that topic will come in ur exam which u left. And ur entire time contributed to that chapter will be wasted.
8. Either do a chapter completely or leave it completely .
9. Revision is a must . Take a few minutes out for the revision of previous day work daily . It will surely boost your confidence .
10. Donot overexert yourself . Take a few minutes break in between .
11. Create a motivational , encouraging and student friendly environment around yourself and be in the company of those people who are self motivated for learning.
12. And last but not the least , take proper nutrition and do exercise as well to keep your body and mind fit and functional .
So My Dear Students , it’s never too late to give a fresh start. Start studying just today , right now . Take a baby step atleast and you will surprise to see your progress .
All the very best for exams.
Happy studying !!!!

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