How to prepare Organic chemistry in 1-Day ?

Organic preparation in one day in 6 pages.Fear of organic can be easily rid of if you prepare it systematically.Let’s understand the most powerful method to prepare organic for board as well as competitive examinations.Organic chemistry demands repeated written revision. Always revise new organic concept at least 2 times by writing.

Page -1 :-

On page number 1 just write down mechanism of organic reaction like SN1 , SN2 , SN-Ar & SN-th.

Write all the factors of this mechanism along with sample problem on the first page.

Page-2 :-

On the page number 2 write the topic of general organic chemistry.

Inductive effect, resonance effect ,Carbocation, hyperconjugation must be present on this page.

Write all the sample problems on this page for these concepts.

Page-3 , 4 :-

On this page write the function of all the reagents in respective chapters along with the example of that reagent.

If you need two pages then use two pages and solve the questions on these two pages.

Page-5 :-

On this page write the name reactions present in your NCERT book.

In competitive as well as board examination large number of conversions are from the name reactions.

Page-6 :-

On this page write all the distinguishing test present in your NCERT book.

Write all the test along with their reactions.

Our YouTube channel “pics4iit” will be highly beneficial for you for preparing your notes of organic chemistry. See all the playlist on the channel and prepare your notes.

Only in one day you can see all the prescribed videos and get your notes ready.

Link of the video is –

Students if you follow all these simple steps you are organic will be much stronger as you can ever think.

Every child has its own aptitude of learning so don’t go for already prepared notes try to prepare your notes according to your psychology.

The notes prepared by you will be best guide for you . so start preparing your notes from today and see the magic in your studies organic will never be as much easier as now it will be.

Hope the idea given my by me will be highly helpful for you.

All the best.

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  1. Wow. That is so elegant and logical and clearly explained. Keep it up! I follow up your blog for future post.

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