How to prepare for JEE mains 2020 & NEET 2020 | Month wise Schedule

Dear student now only few months before JEE mains 2020 , JEE advance 2020 . Now
we can say this is the high time to start preparations for JEE mains - 1 & JEE mains - 2 .But simultaneously I would also like to mention that this is also a very very high time for start the preparation for NEET 2020 examination.
In the year 2019 most of the students get a disappointment because of slightly less preparation than require for expected cut-off marks. So it will be better to start preparing for these examination than regretting later on.
Students if you have deep desire and enthusiasm for success in this examination you can definitely get your goal achieved but you have to start now and with full dedication. On my YouTube channel in various live interactions are you always emphasise on the power of self discipline and proper revision and proper content.
In this article I am going to explain the month wise preparation strategy for chemistry subject for coming JEE and NEET Examination .
Students complain that they are not prepared with class 11th in this still crack NEET or JEE examination?
 I always suggest your desire is more important then your past performance . If you have strong desire then you can still achieve the success in these examinations.
Class-12 :
1. Solution
3. Chemical Kinetics
Class-11 :
1. Redox Reactions
2. Classification of elements
Class-12 :
1. Surface chemistry
2.General Inorganic chemistry
3. Revision of Physical chemistry
Class-11 :
1. Chemical Bonding
2. Mole concept , Limiting Reactant
Note : Join a test Series.
Class-12 :
1. D& F-block
2. Coordination Compound
3. Extraction
4. Revision
Class-11 :
1. Thermochemistry
2. Structure of atom
Class-12 :
1. General organic chemistry
2.Haloalkanes & Haloarenes
3. Revision of Physical & Inorganic
Class-11 :
1. Chemical Equilibrium
2. IUPAC Nomenclature
3. Revision of Previous chapters
Class-12 :
1. Alcohol , Phenols & Ethers
2.Aldehydes & ketones
3. Carboxylic acids & Amines
4. Revision of previous month syllabus
Class-11 :
1. NCERT - Hydrogen , S-Block ,P-Block
2. Hydrocarbons
You should Join Subjective & Objective Test Series for JEE mains , JEE advance & NEET examinations.
Along with the preparation of JEE mains , JEE advance & NEET you should prepare for Class 12th Board exams.

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