How to plan education for a child at class 11th & 12th level !

Parenting now a days has lots of problems , one of these regular problem is education of child . 

Till class X , education is mainly solo responsibility of school & attention by Parents .

School has its own role for the development of behaviour & intellectual level till class X . But as a student moves in class XI , most of the schools face difficulty to prepare students for JEE & NEET exams etc. along with school curriculum . It does not means that they are not capable , they are fully capable but the curriculum & calendar of school some times makes it difficult to prepare a student for JEE & NEET.

Most of the parents then opt for coaching institutes.

A student generally face three front for education at class XI & XII Level –

(a) School

(b) Tuition

(c) Coaching Institute

A student faces three types of teaching style , three types of syllabus sequence & three types of evaluation.

This can be easy to say , but really a difficult thing for a student to handle .

Most of the students looses interest  in studies & gets diverted from their aim.

Lots of talent gets wasted every year . So a big question –

what to do ?

How to plan education of a child at XI & XII level ?

The answers of these questions may be typical but not difficult.

1. First of all decide the stream of your child by his capabilities & not by yours .

2. Go for a school which offers limited time curriculum e.g 8:00 am to 12:00 pm etc.

3. Confirm about the syllabus pattern school is going to follow NCERT or Randomly.

4. NCERT sequence is best.

5. Search the best tuition for your child , don’t see distance but see the efficiency of teacher.

6. Also confirm the sequence of syllabus going to be followed on tuition , it should be NCERT , so that a child will not face problem regarding the syllabus.

7. If your word is good in studies , do studies without interruption then you can decide to send him any good coaching institute for weekend classes.

8. Don,t forget to enroll your child for a good test series. 

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