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For the Preparation of JEE mains , NEET , Class 12 & Class 12 Chemistry the Hybridization is a very important COncept .

HYBRIDIZATION is defined  as the  intermixing of atomic  orbitals  belongings to same atom but having  slightly different energies so that redistribution of energies takes place b/n them & resulting  in the formation of new orbitals of equal energies and  identical shape.

The orbital thus formed is known as hybridized orbital shape of hybrid orbitals.


  1. The steric numberof a molecule is the number of atoms bonded to the central atom of a

molecule plus the number of lone pairs on the central atom

It is often used in VSEPR theory (valence shell electron-pair repulsion theory) in order to determine the particular shape, or molecular geometry, that will be formed.


By  steric number we can Predict Hybridisation .

S.No.                       Hybridisation

2                               sp

3                               sp2

4                               sp3

5                               sp3d



Number of sigma bond attached to a carbon represent the number of orbitals involved in hybridization.

Practice Question for JEE & NEET :

  1. Predict Hybridisation AB2 , :AB2 ?                                                                                                         Ans  = SP , SP2
  2. Predict the hybridization in following compounds -
  3. (a) H2O                    (b)NH3                          (c)CO3-2                      (d) H2SO4 (e) H2SO3                 (f) KMnO4                   (g) K2Cr2O7                 (h)H-Cl

    (i)O2                         (j) K4[Fe (CN)6]

  1. The hybridization of Ag in [Ag (NH3)4]+ is –

   (a) dsp2           (b) sp        (c)  sp2                  (d) sp3


  1. Predict the hybridisation in following


(a)CH3 – CH = CH – C Ξ CH



(b)CH2 = C = CH – C  - H

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