Electrochemistry : Notes & Video Lectures.

Electrochemistry is the class 12 chapter  for the Physical chemistry . For Preparation of JEE mains , JEE advance & NEET examination it is essential chapter having various concepts & lots of Numericals.

Here I am providing the best video lectures & Notes for preparing the chapter for JEE , NEET & Class-12 exams.

Important topc of Electrochemistry for JEE mains , JEE advance & NEET are :

  1. Conductivity & its types : Specific conductivity , Molar conductivity & Equivalent conductivity  & Numericals.
  2. Kohlraoush Law of dilution with Numericals .
  3. Faraday's Law of Electrolysis with numericals.
  4. Electrochemical Cell .
  5. Effect of Concentration & Temperature on electrode potential.
  6. Free energy change & EMF of cell.

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