Don’t Forget To Revise class-11 Syllabus free of cost

Dear students, specially for you all we are giving a chance to revise class 11 syllabus free of coast for 1 month .

It is very important for class XII and Dropout students to revise class 11 syllabus for JEE and NEET exams in regular intervals.

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Important topics from class 11 are :

1. Some basic concepts: Mole Concept & Limiting Reagent .

1. Atomic structure: Configuration, Quantum Number, Energy of electrons.

3.Classification of Elements : Periodic Properties .

4. Redox Reaction: Stoichiometry

5. States of Matter : Ideal & Real Gas , vanderwall Equation.

6. Equilibrium: Numericals, pH , Solubility Product , Acid base concept , Buffere solution.

7. S-Block : From NCERT only.

8. P-Block : From NCERT only.

9. Hydrogen: From NCERT

10. Chemical Bonding: Hybridisation , MOT , Dipole Moment , Bond Angle etc.

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