During my teaching tenure till now , I have come across lots of friends, students & their parents complaining about luck & success.

1. Are we actually programmed by luck ?

2. Is their any thing left to do in our life ?

3. So why we complain others for our failure , if everything is predetermined?

4. Is our life not going to change ?
अगर ये सब प्रश्न के जवाब आप हाँ मैं देते हैं। … तो आप को आकस्मिक सहायता की जरुरत है !!!!!!!!!!!

We don’t know about luck , whether it exists or not !!!

But what we can do , is to make our self more powerful in our thoughts and behaviour .
“ऐ वक़्त ज़रा अदब से पेश आ , वक़्त नहीं लगता वक़्त बदल जाने में ”

Friends today I am disclosing the secret of being more powerful and key person in your organisation and in your life –

दोस्तों आज कुछ बातें बताता हूँ आप को powerful बनाने के लिये –

1. Your Action Creates a CHAIN reaction – Never respond immediately on any unfavourable situation . Take time to analyse situation & then try to find best possible solution.
2.Silence – A leader speaks only when it is most needed. Understand the power of silence . In a meeting first silently understand entire situation , what your boss wants from you and then hit bull’s eye by providing the killer solution.
3. Never be a Goat – मैं मैं मैं मैं मैं ,sounds like a goat . Always talking about yourself , your interest is hazardous for your #social dominance. Give space to others too .
4. Art of giving / receiving compliment – Given compliment shouldn’t be same as received one .

If somebody compliments you – You are looking great !

Your reply should be different like – Thanks it is all your affection .

I am blessed by friend like you etc.

5.Appreciation – Appreciating other’s work makes you socially powerful. Always appreciate other’s efforts.

6. Hospitality – If someone meets you, show your hospitality and not hostile behaviour . Never use any word or joke which can hurt others.

7. Be Competent – Have competition with competitive people . Quality of competition you are facing determines the glory of your work.

8.Cash policy – Always carry cash with you. Never wait others to pay your bill. Instead, some times you should try to show your affection and belongingness by paying other’s bill too .

9. Overthinking – Whenever you overthink , stop thinking. It is best to be in real world than in pseudo world of your beliefs and misconceptions. If you are feeling hurt by others , stop over reacting , take some deep breath , listen good music and go for some charity.

10. Art of forgiving – Never stretch any issue . If you are a #boss, it will harm your relations with your subordinates . And if you are an employee , any such long issue will depress you .
” डरिये नहीं , मुकाबला करिये ,”ताकत आपके शरीर मैं नहीं आपके विचारों में है ”
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