Aldol Condensation Reaction

In the chapter Aldehyde and Ketones mostly Nucleophilic reaction takes place .

For JEE mains , JEE advance , NEET and Class 12 Board exams “Aldol Condensation” is an important reaction.

Condition For Aldol Condensation: Presence of Alpha Hydrogen .

Reagents For Aldol Condensation: Dilute Alkali like NaOH , KOH , Ba(OH)2 etc.

Crossed Or Mixed Aldol Condensation

This type of Aldol condensation Reaction involve two different molecules, one of them should contain at least one alpha Hydrogen.

Crossed Aldol Condensation Reaction in which one of the reactant is Aromatic is known as “Claisen Condensation or Claisen Schimdt” Reaction .

Note : Effect if Conc. NaOH is different than Dil NaOH on Acetaldehyde .

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