Teachers are the designer of our world.

“We are teachers & we need learning too”.

A teacher is like the GOD in students life , but is not a God , this is also a fact .  A teacher  is the

creator of knowledge for a child , developer of personality .

If a teacher is in self praising mode , self branding mode , this can destroy a personality of a child .

Behavior of a teacher is always reflected in the personality of his/her students. His personality

should be a combination of Mother , Father , saint as well as a true friend.

Job environment demands 200% from a teacher , but teachers generally get suffered by the employ –

employer relationships.

Any institution must understand that education sector is not like any other industry , here you are

dealing with living objects , that is a student . You are working on developing Future , IAS , Doctor ,

Engineer , advocate etc.

Education sector is most important & Most delicate sector. The entire responsibility is on teacher .

Neither a student nor his parents & neither school administration will take any responsibility of any

error . A teacher must be updated , must be economically satisfied & full of confidence .  I many time saw lots of new teachers suffering from the “Juniorism syndrome ” in front of staff and administration but “Superiority Complex” in front of students , i.e. total loss of equilibrium  .

Lack of proper experience & high expectations from the administration and society . This can cause

the generation of Less enthusiastic teachers and less motivated students.

I encountered an incident that one of the teacher in a reputed school , having good academic

background shouting on the students that “Your level is too low to teach “.

Oh My God , What a statement , on the contrary students can also say that “the teacher your level is not such so that you can teach us .”

This finishes the bond between teacher and students & generated a chain reaction of disturbance in

the class.

A person can be a good teacher if he or she elevates the level of his/her students above him.A

teacher also needs motivation & up-gradation time to time . A teacher is the most responsible

person of society . What he teaches , society gets .

Books are only for syllabus , which a student can learn him self by smart classes. So what is the need of a teacher?

In one line i can say “Teacher is a designer of our world”


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